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who is nearly eighty years old in balenciaga triple s replica, presented a set of millions of properties to the nanny who took care of himself for many years. balenciaga hat replica has a son and a daughter. He rarely has time to accompany the old man. The babysitter has been taking care of him carefully. At present, balenciaga triple s the elderly children are still unaware of it.

This is really a realistic version of balenciaga replica shoes. A distant relative is not as close as a neighbor, balenciaga hoodie replica and a child is not as good as a babysitter. For a long time, the relationship between the employer and the nanny has gradually formed a feeling, or family. The relationship between them has also changed. From an ordinary nanny contract relationship, balenciaga replica sneakers a kind of friendship similar to family is slowly formed. Legally speaking, the old man gave the property to the nanny. This is a true expression of his meaning, balenciaga tenis replica and it is understandable. balenciaga hoodie replica should not and have no right to interfere with the decision of the elderly, because the old man is the owner of the property and he has the right to freely dispose of his property. balenciaga speed trainer replica should review why they are not enough to care for the elderly and have not been inherited.

balenciaga tenis replica from the industry of nannies, the nanny forms an equal contractual relationship with the employer. The nanny takes care of the employer and the employer gives you the corresponding consideration, that is, the salary. Then the contractual relationship is a normal market behavior. If the nanny is often able to get extra assets from the employer, it is an abnormal phenomenon and a violation of the professional ethics of the nanny. This phenomenon will cause a large number of nannies in the market in the future. In order to obtain additional property, it may be unscrupulous to express itself, but it will destroy the nanny market. Therefore, this kind of thing in Suzhou is only an exception. It cannot form a universal phenomenon and cannot be a principle. As a nanny industry, it is also necessary to establish a professional ethics rule, that is, the nanny should not have the extra property of the employer, the balenciaga trainers replica nanny industry will be able to last long.